First Random Thought

DSC_0305Not so much my thought, but an editor who nagged me about blogging. Apparently, it’s important to blog, especially if you are a writer. So I looked at some blogs. I don’t fear that mine will be worse than others now.

I intend to share some of the snippets I write about gardening; our cairn terrier, Luci-fur; and updates on how things are going with my latest novel. I have written four, and am about mid-thigh deep into number five–about Longevity and its problems.

I worked as a professional photographer to get through the years of my higher education and am still frequently found with a camera on hand. So, there will be pictures. Nature photographs are my favorite, though people and animals also creep in.

Below is a recent comment on cairns for a cairn terrier:

Luci-fur is our almost two-year-old Cairn Terrier. Her breed arose in Scotland, where farmers, who built cairns from rocks removed from fields, needed the dogs to find foxes and badgers living in their cairns. Luci is a sixty-pound dog in a fifteen-pound suit, with deadly choppers hiding in a cute face.

Recent earth moving at our place uncovered a cairn-sized quantity of rocks, so I decided to treat Lucy to her own cairn at the end of our woods. It was not a work of art, but serviceable and, I thought, sturdy. I was a little disappointed that Lucy did not notice it until yesterday.

She told me in no uncertain barks and howls that it housed an animal that she needed to indulge in extreme conversation. In about ten minutes she reduced the cairn to a six-inch pile of rubble. I knew she was getting close to her quarry because her stubby tail was rotating like the little propeller on a helicopter.

Finally, in a flash, a saucer sized dark green bullfrog leapt from the pile and disappeared behind a nearby tree. Lucy, accustomed only to squirrels, was convinced the bullfrog was up in the tree and circled it eagerly as the frog buried himself under leaves. She gave up after about a half-hour.

I’m trying to decide; should I rebuild the cairn and hope for a fox or a badger, or leave it as is—as testimony to an eager terrier and a crafty frog?

One thought on “First Random Thought

  1. Definitely rebuild it at least one more time. For those few moments, Luci fur was the happiest she could ever be! Thanks for the great blog, and smiles!


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