Early in October Nancy and I retraced the steps from many years ago when we hiked and camped out in the Canadian Maritime Provinces — Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Isle (“PEI”)and Cape Breton. It was a bus tour this time and at the height of the foliage season.

As in the United States, Canada’s national and state parks are located in some of the most beautiful and interesting locations in the country. The Maritimes are no exception, joining exceptional locations with a vibrant history that speaks of conflicts and accommodations between native people, French and British settlers and some Americans too.

My new mirrorless camera worked well, but my “darkroom” computer became slower than molasses in a blizzard and needed a new hard drive, so I’ve been almost as slow in sharing photos with you. We took a circular route from Halifax across to the Bay of Fundy, up to PEI, the Cabot Trail, Cape Breton, and back to Halifax in ten days.

An early stop was at Flowerpot Rocks at almost low tide in the Bay of Fundy. The tides there are the highest on earth, rising and falling fifty feet twice a day. This is what we saw:

Bay of Fundy – Bear and Pooh?
PEI Red Sand Beaches
Red Sands – PEI

We toured the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton. Lovely ocean vistas and a surprise visit to a bog atop a mountain on a brisk morning.

Along Cabot Trail
Canada Geese heading for Tewksbury
Bog Fauna

Quaint Fishing Villages and the occasional heron were abundant.

In the National Park

Did I mention that the foliage was spectacular?

On the Ocean

Peggy’s Cove

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